Leyland SME Old Photo Gallery (from 2001 ish)

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Arthur2 George
Arthur2, our petrol/hydraulic loco awaits duty in the sidings. George (at 6 our youngest member) takes his parents for a ride behind "Petrolea"
Photo by Alan BibbyPhoto by Geoff Baxendale
Alan's Diesel General View
Chris drives Alan's big diesel with Alan as Guard Club house and steaming bays. (1st January 2000)
Photo Geoff BaxendalePhoto Geoff Baxendale
Sam & Gavin Alan's Tank
Gavin and Sam discuss some of "Polly's" finer points. Alan checks out his GWR tank with Father supervising
Photo Alan BibbyPhoto Alan Bibby
Chairman Barr Arthur2
Chaiman Barr tries out Alan Wilson's GWR Tank.Another view of Arthur in the sidings. (We now have buffer stops!)
Photo by Alan BibbyPhoto by Alan Bibby
Chairman Barr
Chaiman Barr gets into the spirit of Christmas!

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